Kodak Tweets a Niknaz

With Bolexes!

Megan Hess & I take a break from filming Gina and pose at the Bosco Booth at the Persol Handcrafted Film Atelier for the Tribeca Film Festival


I took a brief respite from the my computer last week to film my friend, and amazing experimental filmmaker, Gina Carducci perform the Mordancage process on a film they’d shot as a part of  Persol (the sunglasses) Handcrafted Film Atelier at the Tribeca Film Festival… then brilliantly edit it together on a Steenbeck.

And Kodak snapped a photo.

Me & Megan Filming Gina Editing

Photo tweeted by Kodak. Me & Megan filming Gina editing on the Steenbeck


That’s me & my prized Bolex SBM filming Gina haaaard at work! Fellow queer experimental film artist, Megan Hess is getting the reverse shot.

Since this post by Kodak doesn’t include any reference to what Gina was doing, or any of the other key experimental film player involved with getting the event together (ahem, Mono No Aware!) I’m posting a statement about why Gina chose to do an alternative process and why they used the opportunity to work with fashionista’s like Persol as an intervention. Check it out!





On Sunday 4/20 from 12-6pm, I edited an experimental film on a Steenbeck in the Conrad Hotel (102 North End Avenue, New York, NY) as one of 5 film artists featured in an Atelier of Handcrafted Film created by Persol Eyewear during the Tribeca Film Festival.

Last week we were each given a Bolex, one roll of 16mm B&W reversal film and 3 hours to shoot with a photographer/videographer by our side, documenting the process of “handcrafted art in NYC.”

Our film was processed, and then we each spent a 6-hour day on the Steenbeck to edit our 3-minute roll of film down to one minute.

I was wearing my lab coat.

I had been given permission to photo-chemically manipulate the surface of the film during my shift on the Steenbeck — film was submerged in chemistry mixed on site, at the risk of all emulsion slipping away! The event doubled as a bleach-etching workshop, aka mordancage. All experimental film legend secrets were exposed.

Our one-minute films will be spliced together and projected in the hotel lobby 6-9pm on Thursday, April 24th, the night of the Tribeca Film Festival awards dinner.

The lobby has been transformed into some sort of installation of traditional filmmaking equipment, all installed by our friends at MONO NO AWARE, with friendly people walking guests through the process of threading up a film camera and a projector, and helping them splice film clips together to take home as a souvenir. It is a sight to see.

Special thanks to Kevin Rice and Process Reversal, Steve Cossman and Mono No Aware, Megan Hessenthaler and Niknaz Tavakolian.

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