is an electronic and interactive installation artist and sometimes filmmaker interested in non-traditional communication strategies to convey ideas of intersubjectivity and ambiguous identities. Born in Tehran, Iran and raised in the US, Niknaz spent close to 10 years working professionally on film sets, learning from the masters of the trade on productions like Sex and the City, Oz, and You Can Count on Me. This background in traditional storytelling and motion picture film is the far-away foundation for the installation and interactive work they (“they” is used as a gender-free pronoun) do. They are interested in experimental story-telling and non-linear, experiential narratives. They have equal footing with FinalCut Pro as with Max/MSP.

Their Bolex SBM is one of their most beloved pieces of equipment.

Niknaz is currently working on a short three channel 16mm film, and touring a collaborative 16mm film, Inflamed: A Litany for Burning Condoms.

If you are looking for Niknaz’ camerawork website, it’s: www.niknaztavakolian.com (or just theniknaz.com).