Mapping Fields


is experiential.  Taking over the basement level of 45 Bleeker Street, ten works engage both audience and artist equally.  Along their contours, the works will talk to each other.  A curatorial endeavour, mapping fields brings together artists who use personal narrative to explore political critique, who push the boundaries of their mediums, who subvert the lens that has been turned on them and who ask the audience to shift from active viewer to discovering participant. The night will include video installation, durational performances, improvisational performances, Skype, Facebook and the big screen. Organized by multi-media artists, the event investigates the convergence of performance, activism and the everyday through a queer lens.  Join us for this unique, one-night only, multi-disciplinary event where the experience of the work is what defines it.

-Niknaz Tavakolian & Zavé Martohardjono