solo exhibition
Media Noche
Interactive video projections
Camera sensor, computer running Max/MSP, solar powered wireless webcam, url

November 12, 2009 – January 2, 2010

diegetic. is an interactive narrative of the triangulated gaze. Two large-scale portraits of queer, transgender and gender-non-conformers are projected on the storefront windows and follow the movement of the onlookers. You are invited to watch the interaction via live webcam. From these three points of watching, the story of who really does the looking unravels.

diegetic., as a project, is an ongoing investigation of bodies, place, representation and community. Once the narrative begins to unfold, it becomes about the act of looking and the inherent value and power attached to this act. At first it seems like a reversal of the gaze, as the digital bodies that lie outside of the normative representation of gender and sexuality are the ones doing the looking. But as people pass by and have their reactions (some think it’s fun, and some think it’s creepy) it turns more into an ownership of the act of looking.  The addition of the webcam deflects the dichotomy of the original piece and brings in an element of surveillance. It references the constant eye that is on us.