Inflamed: A Litany for Burning Condoms

Collaborative 16mm film This experimental video intervention aims to explore sociopolitical, technocratic, historical textures of latex, specifically as they relate to ongoing AIDS crises. A collaboration by artists and activists Chaplin Christopher Jones, Ted Kerr, Niknaz and LJ Roberts aims to thread together the imperial foundation of latex and the ongoing AIDS crisis within marginalized […]

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My Lichen (my stone flower)

Set to a very famous Persian pop song from the late ’70s, My Lichen (my stone flower) is an experimental documentary exploring dual-[dueling]-ing identities and dress. The song is “Goleh Sangam” by Hayedeh, which translates to “My Lichen”, but literally to “My Stone Flower”. Screenings: Seeing Green, Irvine Contemporary, Washington, DC, 2010 OUT LIKE THAT! […]

Lorem Ipsum Dolor

experimental art video looking at the expansive border between reality and fantasy. Original HD footage is layered with a pixelated white outlines creating a somewhat staggered ghost of the action. As a narrative, the character finds a notebook on an urban river beach and wanders through the streets of Brooklyn until they stumble on the […]

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Greatest Love of All

Director/Editor: niknaz Camera: Warut Snidvongs TRT: 12:53 | HD Short, on-the-street documentary investigating public memory around the song, The Greatest Love of All. Screened in The Greatest Love of All installation as part of the Congress of the Collectives through Flux Factory, New York City. The Greatest Love of All installation was made in conjunction […]

25th Annual NY Queer Experimental Film Festival Trailer

With the water as a muse, this film stumbles upon, perhaps, the only queer Persian dance party ever to be staged on a boat on the Gowanus Canal. Shot at Riis Beach, the Manhattan Bridge, on the banks of the Gowanus and on the [in]famous Handsome Transom boat just 2 months before Hurricane Sandy. May […]


Little Orphan Gender Revolutionary Annie

HD video, 13’17, 2011 Annie is stuck in the rotten gender-binary girls’ orphanage system, dreaming of a place where they could thrive. “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I’m changing tomorrow… I’m not just a girl or gay!” sings Annie. This song-cycle performance is based on a play written by Dr. Kate Sorensen and Killer Sideburns and performed at […]