is an interactive sculptural being. It is made up of corrugated plastic wings, a custom circuit board heart, a computer running Max/MSP brain and a tracking camera eye. Through it’s parts, when butterfly senses movement in front of its wings, those wings flap in response. Corrugated plastic, stepper motors, custom circuit board, Arduino microcontroller, wires, […]


Don’t Mind Me…

is an interactive video where Austin, the sparkly, pink tie guy follows the movement of people in front of him. He is queer, he is trans and he’s having a good time. Custom frame, monitor, tracking camera, a computer running Max/MSP. Showings: 21st New York Queer Experimental Film Festival, New York Showcase.07, Cambridge Galleries Biennial, […]


The Cheeky FotoBooth

is a cheeky interactive photo booth showing and printing almost images of the viewer… almost. Camera, LCD screen, box, printer and computer running Max/MSP Showings: Umwelten, Gowanus Studio Space, 2009  


solo exhibition Media Noche Interactive video projections Camera sensor, computer running Max/MSP, solar powered wireless webcam, url November 12, 2009 – January 2, 2010 diegetic. is an interactive narrative of the triangulated gaze. Two large-scale portraits of queer, transgender and gender-non-conformers are projected on the storefront windows and follow the movement of the onlookers. You […]


diegetic., as witnessed

is a site-specific interactive video projection where movement on the street triggers the gaze of a large-scale video portrait on the storefront window. Since the space is in transition, between what was once there to what soon will be, I want to use this flux as a means to reflect on the idea of change. […]